Glaucoma Awareness Programme – Why is it needed?

In the earlier post, I shared my own story regarding how I am getting on with Glaucoma, by the grace of Allah. And all that boring story was intended to set up the ground for the awareness program which we are starting regarding Glaucoma. But many of our readers would be wondering as to why do we need awareness in this matter? Is it of any good to put in some effort to spread the awareness about this disease?

So, in this post, I will try to answer those questions, and all of you are more than welcome to provide suggestions, advices and feedbacks so that together we can make this effort a success. Now without wasting any more time, let me explain the reasons which motivated me to start this awareness program.

A Stitch in time saves nine !

Glaucoma is a kind of disease in which the vision lost cannot be recovered. Due to this reason, it is quite necessary that the patients get diagnosed in the inception of this disease. But, in most cases, and as it was the case with me that I did not have any faintest of ideas that I would be having such a disease. So, it will be very much beneficial to spread the awareness about the potential damages this disease can do and its symptoms as well. This way, if a person is suffering from any of the symptoms of Glaucoma then he/she would become a bit more cautious about it. And again, if diagnosed in an earlier stage, then there are good chances that the patient will be able to clearly see the world with both eyes.

Health is the least priority in our Society

In this fast paced world, generally most of the people are ignorant to their health. This condition is particularly worse in Pakistan. Here, people do not give attention to their health issues unless the situation becomes unbearably painful. Home remedies and self-medication further aggravate this problem. It has become the order of the day that most of the people lose their health chasing the wealth, and then lose their wealth in the quest to regain their health. But this thing is not true for a disease like glaucoma. The damage, once done, is quite irreversible. Thus it becomes even more necessary to spread the awareness among the masses, because without vision the world is nothing but darkness.

Quacks are Dangerous to Health

Quacks are also abundant these days which are playing with the lives of common and innocent people just to loot their money. And the most sinister aspect of this whole story is that most people easily fall into their traps, thereby risking their own health. Since glaucoma may eventually lead to blindness if not diagnosed and treated properly, and on the other side we also know that quacks cannot be alleviated from the society at once, thus all we are left with is to urge our closer ones to take their health issues more seriously and to always seek the advice of reliable health expert or doctor.

Glaucoma is the second leading cause of BLINDNESS

Glaucoma is the second most important cause of blindness all over the world, after Cataract. And experts believe that the negligence of the patient is the primary reason for the blindness rather than the disease itself. This reflects that the disease itself is not that dangerous, but the unawareness and lack of education among the patients about this disease are actually responsible for the loss of vision. This factor can also be alleviated to some extent with the help of proper awareness programme.

Concluding Remarks

Keeping in view all of the above mentioned points, it can be safely concluded that an Awareness Programme, like this one, could be quite helpful in fighting against this disease, or at the very least could provide some consolation to the sufferers of this disease that if they are diagnosed with Glaucoma and can read these lines, then they can maintain their remaining vision for the rest of their lives (God Willing). In the end, I again urge you all to join hands and support this program, because together we can really make a difference. For now, thank you all for taking out your precious time to read this article. 🙂

Author: Saad Riaz

The author is a Hardware Design Engineer by profession, but here he expresses his thoughts and has the vision to bring about some positive change within his capacity.

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