Best Tools to Check your Website’s Speed Rank

Earlier, a post was published on our website regarding the WordPress Plugin to enhance the overall speed of the webpage. But how to check whether your webpage is performing above par or not? In that post, a brief reference was given to a tool (GTmetrix) which can be used to check the Page Speed which helped us to take into account and then optimize the critical points which were causing a decline in the speed of the website. Then we thought to cover some of the best tools which could be helpful in this regard. So we have dedicated this post for it. Continue reading “Best Tools to Check your Website’s Speed Rank”

Intending to buy UPS? May be this can help!

Summers have already started here in Karachi, and the blind man’s bluff of the electricity has already touched its peaks. In this situation, most people opt for UPS to provide backup during the power outages. So, if you too are in a quest to find a well-suited UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) for domestic use then here are some technicalities, some buzz words reverberating in the market which are frequently used by the UPS sellers to attract you, and which you should know before buying the UPS. So keep reading. Continue reading “Intending to buy UPS? May be this can help!”

Today’s homework – Cube Riddle! Can you Solve it?

Here we come again with one more brain teaser. Let us put some strain on our brain muscles and let us see how many can get to the right answer? Guess the shape on the cube below… Continue reading “Today’s homework – Cube Riddle! Can you Solve it?”

Feeling Giddy in Office hours? May be this can help!

Often times, when we do not get adequate sleep at night or are going through a particularly stressed out situation at our work place, we start to feel giddy in the office hours. The dizziness seems to get us down. It feels like quitting the work and lying down to take a nap for a couple of hours. In such a situation, how can you tackle the dizziness? Well, following are some of the easiest things, we have compiled for you, which you can do to get rid of this undesirable and untimely sleepiness. Continue reading “Feeling Giddy in Office hours? May be this can help!”