Today’s homework – Cube Riddle! Can you Solve it?

Can you guess this Canadian math Kangaroo riddle

Here we come again with one more brain teaser. Let us put some strain on our brain muscles and let us see how many can get to the right answer? Guess the shape on the cube below…

Canadian Math Kangaroo Shape


Are you smart enough? Post your answers in the comments section below. 🙂

Author: Muhammad Maaz Khan

The author is a telecom professional, and wants to contribute positively towards a better society.

10 thoughts on “Today’s homework – Cube Riddle! Can you Solve it?”

  1. I am a bit confused between A and C. Let me try to make a guess. I think it would be C. Let’s see, if it’s C or not. 🙂

  2. A is the correct answer.Those two different orientation covers 5 out of 6 sides of cube.Now rotate either of the orientation keeping the triangle shape in mind as it is common in both orientations.This will help you in reaching the correct answer.

    Once again thanks alot to all of you for your participation .

  3. Seems like Admin has already spilled the beans. But anyway, I tried the riddle and I think that the answer should be A. I know I am late. Nevertheless, I am correct.

  4. Ohh. I came here late. Please post more of these riddles so that more and more people can engage with your website.
    Wishing you good luck.

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