[Series: Part 1] Drive test -The Introduction

Through this series “Drive test”, we will try to achieve the knowledge of what is drive test and how is it performed?

Drive test is basically all about a simple concept of transmission and reception. Transmission and reception ability, Continue reading “[Series: Part 1] Drive test -The Introduction”

How to Close Comments in WordPress for Older Posts?

WordPress is an excellent piece of software. It brings ease of use while setting up and maintaining a website. We have been using WordPress for almost 5 months now. And we have felt that it is so far so good. Customizing some of the options in WordPress is just a matter of some clicks. Similarly, if you, due to any reasons, wish to close comments for older posts then it will take you less than 5 minutes to achieve in WordPress. Continue reading “How to Close Comments in WordPress for Older Posts?”

Wednesday Jokes – 3 Pappu and Sheeda Jokes to Make you Smile!

Disclaimer: Pappu and Sheeda are hypothetical but traditional, sweet, fun loving and naughty Pakistani characters found almost everywhere in Pakistan. Any resemblance to any person near you is highly possible. And these jokes would be even more enjoyable if you have any Pappu or Sheeda among your closer ones. So keep smiling and keep reading. 🙂 Continue reading “Wednesday Jokes – 3 Pappu and Sheeda Jokes to Make you Smile!”

Avoid Plastic As Much As You Can!

In our local eateries, dhabas, restaurants and shops, it has become a common practice of packing food items in plastic. Plastic boxes, Polythene shoppers, plastic cups and plastic wrappers have become ubiquitous. Whether you are getting a home delivery of your favorite biryani, or you are parceling tea to your home, or you are buying Naan or Chapati from your nearest hotel, everyone is using plastic bags or boxes to pack the food item, not only because it is cheaper, also because it brings ease and convenience. But it is the time that you should rethink and cut down the use of plastic as much as you could. Continue reading “Avoid Plastic As Much As You Can!”

Monday Mystery – Can You Solve This Mysterious Murder Riddle?

One evening there was a murder in the home of a married couple. Their daughter and son were also at home with them. As a chief investigator, you were assigned the case. You were told that one of these four people murdered one person of the family. One member of the family witnessed the murder, whereas one member helped the murderer. Now you are required to find out the murderer. Continue reading “Monday Mystery – Can You Solve This Mysterious Murder Riddle?”