Avoid Plastic As Much As You Can!

avoid plastic to avoid cancer

In our local eateries, dhabas, restaurants and shops, it has become a common practice of packing food items in plastic. Plastic boxes, Polythene shoppers, plastic cups and plastic wrappers have become ubiquitous. Whether you are getting a home delivery of your favorite biryani, or you are parceling tea to your home, or you are buying Naan or Chapati from your nearest hotel, everyone is using plastic bags or boxes to pack the food item, not only because it is cheaper, also because it brings ease and convenience. But it is the time that you should rethink and cut down the use of plastic as much as you could.

Why Should I Avoid Plastic?

Plastic containers mostly contain a chemical named Bisphenol A (BPA) which is used to make the plastic more durable. But the recent researches have shown that BPA can be a culprit to cause cancer, hormonal disorders and many other health issues. Furthermore, a plastic bottle, glass or box should not be used for a longer period of time because as the plastic ages, there are more chances of BPA leakage into the food, and thereby more chances of consuming the undesirable BPA.

So, if a plastic container has BPA in it, then the food item absorbs some amount of BPA from the container. This is more dangerous if the food item is hot. Using low quality plastic cups for tea and coffee, using plastic boxes for hot food and storing warm water in plastic bottles are even more dangerous, because the temperature acts as a catalyst for the absorption of BPA into the food. This absorbed amount of BPA then enters into the human body and then causes various health issues, including cancer.

Some people are even more careless. They put the food contained in a plastic container into the microwave oven without bothering to check whether the container is microwaveable or not. This increases the chance of releasing carcinogenic gases from the plastic as well as increased absorption into the food which poses two folds dangers from both inhaling and eating.

And It is NOT Just About You!

There is no denying the fact that plastic can do huge damage to your health. Apart from your health perspective, plastic is also dangerous to the environment. Plastic bags and bottles pose huge danger to the entire ecosystem. It is not just about an individual any more. Rather, it is about our whole planet Earth. So, let us have one more reason to say NO to Plastic.

What Should be Done?

First thing is that, start cutting down the usage of plastic container as much as you can. And if it is necessary to use plastic containers or bags, then opt for the safer BPA free and bio-degradable alternative. Using traditional metallic containers are also a great option. Also, using thermocol cups for tea, coffee, juices and other drinks, instead of plastic ones, can also be quite safer. Fried foods, Naan and Chapati, Biryani and other similar food items should not be wrapped in plastic shoppers, rather paper bags or thermocol boxes should be the best suited alternative. Further, do not put any plastic into microwave oven until and unless you are quite sure that it is 100% microwaveable. And finally, for the sake of our own Planet, all those unavoidable plastic containers which you use, please do not dump it here and there. Dispose them off properly so that if recycling is possible then they should be recycled.

Ending Note

In the end, I would like to say that your health is precious. So please be a bit more cautious. Say No to Plastic. If you were using plastic containers, throw them away. And always opt for a safer alternative. No matter how cheap the low quality plastic containers may be, always remember that the dangers they pose to your health is much more severe. So eat healthy and stay healthy. 🙂

Author: Saad Riaz

The author is a Hardware Design Engineer by profession, but here he expresses his thoughts and has the vision to bring about some positive change within his capacity.

5 thoughts on “Avoid Plastic As Much As You Can!”

  1. Thanks a lot for writing on this particular topic. This requires a lot of awareness among the people. And you’re typically doing a fantastic job.

  2. Very well written and nicely conceived blog post. I, too, am of the opinion that use of the plastic should be cut down as much as possible. Keep spreading the awareness.
    Thumbs Up (Y)

  3. “And It is NOT Just About You!” Exactly… Very well written. I think a collective effort is required in this regard. Wake up humans.
    Good Job. Keep such great articles coming. 🙂

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