How to Close Comments in WordPress for Older Posts?

Closing Older Comments in WordPress

WordPress is an excellent piece of software. It brings ease of use while setting up and maintaining a website. We have been using WordPress for almost 5 months now. And we have felt that it is so far so good. Customizing some of the options in WordPress is just a matter of some clicks. Similarly, if you, due to any reasons, wish to close comments for older posts then it will take you less than 5 minutes to achieve in WordPress.

Why Should I close the Comments?

Well, in this particular topic, we would speak from our own experience. We have observed that once your blog post is old enough then you do not get much legitimate comments on them. These posts become a hot spot for the spammers which send their scripts to automatically publish comments on your website. And if you are having a small team to manage your blogs then it becomes difficult to manage such undesirable comments. So one solution of this problem could be to turn off the commenting option in your older posts. For example, if you feel that after a month, you start getting a lot of SPAM comments on your blog post, then it is wiser to turn the comments off once your blog has got that much old and you are not expecting more comments on that post.

Why not Close the Comments once for All?

As a newbie to the blogging platform, I used to think, whenever I received a lot of SPAM comments, that why not close the Comment feature in the website altogether. This way, spammers will not get a chance to post their rubbish advertising comments on the website. But as our spectrum got broader in this particular direction then we realized that it would make a negative impact on our website’s performance.

Well, in the cyber world, a blogging website is successful if it gets a lot of visitors. And as a matter of fact the visitors are looking for great contents. And if they find a content which they like a lot (and in some cases, they extremely dislike a particular post) then they leave a comment on the post to express their feelings. The comments play a key role in establishing a two way communication between the author and the visitors. If you close the comments on your website altogether, then you will actually curb the innate desire of the visitors to express their feelings about your posts. This would result in a lesser turn out of the visitors on your website, which would negatively impact your website’s traffic rank.

How to do it in WordPress?

In WordPress, it is quite simple to close comments on a post that is older than a particular number of days. From your WP dashboard, go to setting menu and then click on Discussions option, as shown in Figure 1. After that, you will be taken to a page where you can customize various things related to the comments published by the visitors. In that page, there must be a heading named “Other Comments Settings” like the one in Figure 2. Under that heading, you can see an option saying “Automatically close comments on articles older than ___ days.” Check that option and then enter the number of days. There are some more customization which you can find on that page and you can check or uncheck them depending upon your requirement. You can even control SPAM comments greatly by properly adjusting those options.

Figure 1
   Figure 2

Ending Note

That was simple, wasn’t it? Thanks to WordPress for embedding so much power and flexibility in a single Content Management Software (CMS). Hope that you enjoyed this little tour. We will soon be posting, God Willing, a complete post related to fighting the SPAM comments. So, keep your eyes on that. Please provide your valuable feedback in the comments sections below.

Author: Saad Riaz

The author is a Hardware Design Engineer by profession, but here he expresses his thoughts and has the vision to bring about some positive change within his capacity.

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  1. WordPress is such a remarkable tool. You guys are exploring its deep oceans. Its great that you are sharing your experience with others as well. 🙂

  2. I’d be anxiously waiting for the post related to combating the SPAM posts. That’ll be really useful for me.

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