Super Store Culture in Karachi – the Good and the Bad

Super Mart Problems and benefits

In Karachi, there has recently been a boom of Super Markets. The likes of Imtiaz Super Market, Metro Cash n Carry, Chase Up and Chase Value Centre are attracting a huge number of people. The primary reason behind the success of these super stores is the availability of all the necessary house hold items and common consumer stuff in one building. These super stores not only save quite a lot of time, but various discounts and offers on the general items are also a factor of attraction for the common public.

But recently, Karachiites observed the darker side of this super store culture. The opening of Imtiaz Super Market in Gulshan Area of Karachi caused a humongous traffic jam on the roads. A lot of people got stuck in the traffic jam for more than 2 hours. The main road in front of the Imtiaz Super Market was heavily crowded due to the huge number of people who turned up to see the grand opening of the biggest store in Karachi, causing the ‘biggest’ traffic jam as well. I was stuck in that huge traffic jam as well. And that was the time, when I planned to pick up my pen on this particular matter.

I am of the opinion that the culture of Cash n Carry is a good one, as it strengthens the economy of the country and increases the cash flow. The money keeps on rolling when people buy things, and to meet this increasing demand new products are made, which in turn creates employment opportunities in the local market. Also, each super store employs a number of people, creating even more employment opportunities. Further, the idea of finding all your required stuff under one roof is also good from the consumer’s view point. In my opinion, these super marts actually contribute to the economic growth of the country.

But, on the other side of the picture, the lack of planning causes some really uncomfortable events for the common man, as we observed in case of Imtiaz Super Mart’s opening. Things like traffic flow, parking, locality and comfort of the general public should be considered ahead of such Mega Projects. It should be mandated that each super store should have a parking within its building. The building should also be made in such a locality so that the normal traffic flow is not affected. It could also be a good idea that the Super Stores are forced by the Government to hire some extra human resource in order to manage the parking and traffic in the vicinity of the super market.

But it is not just the super marts who could be blamed solely for all those problems, we too are responsible as there is a serious lack of civic sense in us. We would not mind parking our cars or bikes on the main roads even if we know that there is a parking facility available just a few steps ahead. It is also our duty to be a bit more responsible citizen and then educate our fellows as well so that together we can build a better and stronger Pakistan.

If you have any more efficient solution to control this problem then please share with us in the comments section below.

Author: Saad Riaz

The author is a Hardware Design Engineer by profession, but here he expresses his thoughts and has the vision to bring about some positive change within his capacity.

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  1. Agreed. These unplanned projects are messing up our lives. They should provide their own parking areas away from normal traffic flow, whether it is in the form of valet parking or parking plots at some near by location. Well written!

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