Telenor Djuice Free Whatsapp Bundle

Social networking is on a rise almost everywhere in the world. So is the case in Pakistan. Our youth is getting too much obsessed with social networking. And owing to its exponential growth, telecom companies and internet service providers are rolling out packages to facilitate the social networking. Continue reading “Telenor Djuice Free Whatsapp Bundle”

3 Golden Rules to Improve Your Rechargeable Battery Performance

Personal Mobile Devices (PMDs) and other battery operated electronics are getting more and more ubiquitous. This means that our reliance on the batteries are increasing day by day. And, in areas of Karachi where the frequent power outages are a part of routine life, good battery backup is necessary for such devices. So here we cover three very basic but golden rules to ensure that you keep on extracting the juice out of your battery for longer period of time. These rules may not be new for you, so if you are already well acquainted with these points, then it is a good idea to just refresh your memory. Continue reading “3 Golden Rules to Improve Your Rechargeable Battery Performance”

Breaking a Habit Occasionally is NOT a BAD Habit

“Variety is the spice of life.” We hear this proverb every now and then. But generally, in our daily lives, we are mostly stuck in the circle of our routine, doing the same thing from dawn till dusk. Having a good healthy routine is really great. But occasional changes in it can do wonders to you and enrich your lives with that missing spark in it. Further, studies have shown that breaking the habit once in a blue moon and doing something new may be useful for better cognitive health. Continue reading “Breaking a Habit Occasionally is NOT a BAD Habit”