Breaking a Habit Occasionally is NOT a BAD Habit

old way or new way!

“Variety is the spice of life.” We hear this proverb every now and then. But generally, in our daily lives, we are mostly stuck in the circle of our routine, doing the same thing from dawn till dusk. Having a good healthy routine is really great. But occasional changes in it can do wonders to you and enrich your lives with that missing spark in it. Further, studies have shown that breaking the habit once in a blue moon and doing something new may be useful for better cognitive health. Following are some of the benefits of doing something ‘new’ other than your fixed schedule:

Busting the Stress:

Experts suggest that breaking your own habits may be useful to bust the stress. Things like writing from the other hand, doodling and painting, hanging out with family and friends, going for excursion or anything you can do to divert your mind from your daily chores would be useful to kill the stress. All of these activities allow us to take a break from focusing on the disturbing and stressing thoughts that are creeping in our minds, and help us clear our thoughts, refresh our minds and kiss goodbye to the stress.

Keeping the Mind Sharp:

The knife can be used as a metaphor for brain in sharpness sense here. And as we know that if we just keep using the knife without sharping it by rubbing it against the stone or the sharpener, then it will obviously get blunt. And the worse is that, if we just put it in the kitchen drawer and don’t use it for long, then it will even get rusty and damaged. Same remains true for human brain. If we just keep it busy in the routine work, and don’t try to learn new things, then it may also get blunt. And if we just stop using our brains for longer duration, it may get rusty. Thus it is good to start something new today, so that the brain gets a bit of exercise as well. Engaging in riddles, solving crossword puzzles, doing painting, and even a small thing like changing your route to your home can make your brain muscles work a bit more.

Kicking Out Boredom:

We are humans and it is our innate characteristic that we get bored or fed up following the same routine over and over again. We are not machines, and this very property calls for at least little bit of change time to time in order to keep off the boredom. Obviously, it is not good to keep changing your routine every now and then, but doing something new and interesting add up more fuel and energy to the routine work.

Increasing Self Confidence:

When you try something new, or learn a new skill, or achieve anything that you never thought you could, gives you not only a sense of satisfaction and a sense of achievement, but also oozes a lot of self confidence inside you. Most of us are living strictly in a virtual shell of our comfort zone. When you stretch yourself out of your comfort zone a bit, gradually you get out of that shell. Once you are out of your strict virtual shell, you become a more confident person who is ready to take on the challenges of life. Experts also suggest that people who are more into learning new things can handle various challenges more confidently as compared to those who always follow the same old routine.

Discovering Yourself:

You may be happy with what you are doing, you may seem to be contented with your life and job, but there still remains some room to explore yourself a bit more. If you are strictly a routine follower then the chances are bleak that you would discover some hidden talent inside you. But if you love to try out new things then you may end up finding some undiscovered more talented you. There may be a painter, a sportsman, a photographer, a debater or a writer hidden inside you. So at least give it a try to unveil any of those exciting aspects of your personality. No wonder you could be the next Picasso or the new William Wordsworth. 🙂

Concluding Remarks:

There is no denying the fact that a good and healthy routine is great. But occasional changes and engaging in some healthy and useful activity out of your routine can add a bit more spice to your life’s overall recipe.

Author: Saad Riaz

The author is a Hardware Design Engineer by profession, but here he expresses his thoughts and has the vision to bring about some positive change within his capacity.

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