Guys guess what!!! Pappu is back…

Pappu is Back Jokes and Riddles

Yes you read it right, Pappu is back and this time there is no one stopping him!

3 Riddles and Pappu’s Unique answers!

1. Apples and Apricots:

Teacher to Pappu: If I have 5 apples in my left hand and 6 apricots in my right hand, then what do I have?

Pappu: Very large hands.

2. Lightning vs Thunderstorm:

Teacher: Why do we see the lightning first and then hear the thunder storm?

Pappu: Because our eyes are on the front and our ears are on the sides of our head.

3. Rate of Work Problem:

Maths Teacher: If 12 men took 18 hours to build a wall then how long will it take 9 men to build the same wall?

Pappu: 0 hours, as the wall is already built.

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Author: Muhammad Maaz Khan

The author is a telecom professional, and wants to contribute positively towards a better society.

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