3 Amazing Whatsapp Features You May not Know

Whatsapp features

Whatsapp is currently enjoying the top spot in the social networking apps, and to maintain its current position Whatsapp is constantly trying to roll out new features which could make the user experience more satisfying. This write up covers three such features of Whatsapp which you may not have come across yet.

1. Delivered and Seen Times for your Messages:

Now you can track the delivery status of your messages and when did the recipient saw your message. If the recipient has turned off the read recipient, then you cannot view the time on which they have seen your message, however, read recipients are always available for the group chats. You can know that to whom your message was delivered and at what time, and when did each of them saw your message. Cool, isn’t it?

To check the delivery and seen status, tap the message and go to “Message Info” or just “Info” option. Then you can see the time on which your message was delivered to various recipients and the time on which they have seen your message in group chats. The same remains true for individual chats but with the only exception that you cannot see the seen time for the recipients who have turned off the read recipient feature.

2. Data Usage of Your Calls:

Well, this particular feature really made me say a big WOW! Now you can check your Whatsapp data usage for each call by going to the calls option and then tapping into the particular call. This particular feature is really amazing and can help you track your data usage. Since, some people have limited data volume in their data package, thus they can be get an idea that how much have they expended on Whatsapp call, and how much data volume is left with them. Further, this also shows the efficiency of Whatsapp data compression mechanism for its calls, and I was surprised to see that almost half hour of Whatsapp call took only 6 MBs of data.

3. Cropping videos while sending:

Well, most people know that images can be cropped from Whatsapp. But you can even crop the videos while sending it via Whatsapp. Although, this feature is not a new one, but I too came across it recently. So, how to crop the videos while sending it to someone? Here is how you can do it! When you go to attachment and select a particular video then before sending it you can crop that video either from the start or from the end. This feature can be useful if you wish to share only a portion of the video with your contacts and do not want to share the complete video and/or your video size is greater than the maximum size supported by Whatsapp.

Ending Remarks:

Whatsapp is currently a leader in social media industry and will continue to be so if it maintains its standards and keeps on rolling out such amazing features. I am sure that there would be quite a few features which I am not aware of. So if you know any, then please share your experience in the comments section below.

Author: Saad Riaz

The author is a Hardware Design Engineer by profession, but here he expresses his thoughts and has the vision to bring about some positive change within his capacity.

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