Pakistan’s Independence Day

14th August Pakistan's Day of Independence

Dear Friends,

As we all know that its August. The month in which we became Pakistan, we got identity, we got recognition. So it’s time for us to celebrate and cherish this entire month. A celebration in a way that does not hurt anyone but portray our love for our country. Also during this celebration we should not forget those who sacrifice their lives for its creation….

Yes, one-wheeling and firing has been the norm and considered the only way of celebration. But there are much better ways to celebrate. As a Pakistani we need to understand that entertainment is not the only thing in this world and can’t be achieved out of everything. This is not how life works. Life is a mixture of everything from worries to happiness, it can’t be happiness forever and vice versa but what we do need, is to understand the situation and how to behave in that particular situation.

Talking about celebrations there can be numerous ways to celebrate. For example let’s start with a cleaning campaign from this day onward or let’s donate and help our poor Pakistani brothers and sisters, or let’s not break traffic signals from this day onward or let’s not bribe or let’s donate blood to someone needy or let’s be honest while scaling fruits or vegetables or let’s not steal electricity or let’s not think about yourself for one day and think about other Pakistani brother.

Among all these ways we also have devised one way to celebrate with our readers.So here is how we are going to celebrate with you 🙂

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Team Inkophilic

Author: Muhammad Maaz Khan

The author is a telecom professional, and wants to contribute positively towards a better society.

7 thoughts on “Pakistan’s Independence Day”

  1. This really is, without a doubt, a great initiative to express your love to the beloved motherland. Hoping to see this event a success.

  2. i perceive so splendid to be a part of this nation Pak As it has given me so many found memories.

    And i also proud i am writing here. 🙂
    Happy Independence Day

  3. It is more important to love our country than our city or town. I feel so proud to be a part of this country. We should work much harder for the sake of our country.
    Happy Independence Day.

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