Pakistan’s Independence Day – Your comments

14th August Pakistan's Day of Independence

Well, we have waited impatiently for this day and for all our readers to write to us on this auspicious occasion. We received a good number of comments from our readers and tried to incorporate the best among them in our blog here. So, read on the heart-felt messages of our fellow Pakistanis.

It is indeed  an important day to remember all the sacrifices made by our ancestors. Mr. Danish tries to cover that aspect in his short sweet message to us:

It’s day to pay homage and tribute to the sacrifices made by our elders…

Muhammad Danish 

Meanwhile Techie, one of our regular readers, tries to convey that enthusiasm shouldn’t be confined to one day only. Here are his actual thoughts:

Love for your homeland is an innate feeling. It remains there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. This day, however, is a refresher for those feelings.

Happy Independence day to all Pakistanis.


Patriot goes poetic and submits a gripping message in this 4 liner. His message was to avoid hatred and work for the rise of our country:

Nafraton k darawazay,
Khud pe bund hi rkhna..

Iss zameen k parcham ko,
Sar buland hi rkhna…

Happy Independence Day!


Dr. Smiley didn’t feel like smiling when he sent the comment, however he did send a concrete message. Paying tribute to our founding fathers and highlighting how can we feel the sense of freedom:

we should celebrate the Independence day of Pakistan not only because it is our identity but it is more about celebrating the values on which our country was founded upon. To realize the importance of having a separate land for Muslims and to be thankful to the sacrifices and to the vision of our founding fathers we should spare a thought for the Muslims of India in general and people of Kashmir in particular. Now its our turn to carry out their vision and to take it as a work in progress.

Dr. Smiley

An important aspect highlighted there by Ms. Samana. You might not feel the true sense of “freedom” living in Pakistan, but those who live abroad feel it every second. She also talks about owning your country and here is how her message reads:

Happy independence day!!
We all keep repeating this sentence every year on 14th of august just to show our “patriotism” but one can only understand the true meaning of this when he is away from his hometown.. Ahhh sad but a bitter truth !!

I have only one message to all the pakis that please give value to your country don’t be ashamed of it just try to be a better citizen and avoid useless criticism. Play your part unless its too late !!

Pakistan zindabad!!


Ms. Sabika, on the other hand, emphasizes on safety during celebrations, and also provide some other ways of celebration. Here is her thoughts in her words:

14th august.. our independence day. Indeed we should celebrate it. Because it’s a big day for us. But by keeping safety in mind…
There are numerous ways by which we can celebrate this day, like by cleaning our surrounding and by helping others etc. Because this is a day for which our ancestors have done many sacrifices.. We shouldn’t forget that, so i think on this day we should all promise ourselves that we ‘ll keep our motherland safe.


Some had great memories and independence day is a source for them to rejoice all the good things happened to them living here. That is what Ms. Nida tries to convey through her message:

I perceive so splendid to be a part of this nation – Pakistan – as it has given me so many fond memories.

And, also I feel proud to I am writing my feelings for my homeland here. 🙂
Happy Independence Day


Mr. Riaz sums it up with his short but strong message:

Independence is a blessing from Allah. Honor it and play your role in the development of a healthy society.


Mr. Munawwar, along with his praises, provides what should be our Pakistan resolution for 2016 and that is to rebuild a positive image of our country:

Pakistanis are celebrating sixty ninth independence day. Pakistan gave us a lot in these years. I wish the year 2016 should be treated as pay back year for Pakistan.


Munawwar Khan

Ms. Sadia stresses out on unity. Here is what she has to say in her short but sweet message:

It is more important to love our country than our city or town. I feel so proud to be a part of this country. We should work much harder for the sake of our country.
Happy Independence Day.


In the end we would like to thank all the readers and commentors who participated in this commentathon, and sent in their heart felt messages. The feelings are, I am sure, much more purer and higher than those expressed in the comments. And yeah, if you have missed this event and wish to share your thoughts now, then please share your precious thoughts in the comments section below.

Finally, team inkophilic wishes all the Pakistanis living all over the globe a very Happy Independence Day. 🙂

Author: Muhammad Maaz Khan

The author is a telecom professional, and wants to contribute positively towards a better society.

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  1. I would like to share one poetic couplet of Iqbal:

    Naheen Iqbal Na-umeed apni kasht e weeran se,
    Zra num ho tou yeh mitti bari zurkhez he Saaqi!

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