Google is Coming to Pakistani Universities for the First Time

Google training Programme for Pakistani Students

Yeah, that is true. The technology giant, Google, has finally decided to come to Pakistan this summer, for the very first time. This maiden visit is intended to educate the students who are willing to explore the career opportunities in the fields of web designing, development and blogging. This visit is also an evidence of the fact that international giants are recognizing the potential in the growing technology market here in Pakistan.


The schedule of the event, as published by Google, shows that it will visit nine universities of five cities across the Country, including Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Topi and Gujrat, which will span over 11 days. The event will kick off on August 30th from Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi, and will end on 9th September in UET Lahore. Following is the complete schedule as provided by Google:

Tue. 30th August, 2016
Institute of Business Administration (IBA)
Karachi. Pakistan.

Wed. 31st August, 2016
NED University of Engineering & Technology (NED)
Karachi. Pakistan.

Thu. 01st September, 2016
National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences (FAST-NU)
Islamabad. Pakistan.

Fri. 02nd September, 2016
GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences & Technology (GIKI)
Topi. Pakistan.

Mon. 05th September, 2016
Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)
Lahore. Pakistan.

Tue. 06th September, 2016
University of Gujrat (UOG)
Gujrat. Pakistan.

Wed. 07th September, 2016
University of Central Punjab (UCP)
Lahore. Pakistan.

Thu. 08th September, 2016
National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences (FAST-NU)
Lahore. Pakistan.

Fri. 09th September, 2016
University of Engineering & Technology (UET)
Lahore. Pakistan.


The agenda of the event is to familiarize the online publishers, bloggers, website designers and app developers with the products of Google that can be used to monetize the contents. The two products which would be the main focus of the event are AdSense and AdMob.


The keynote speakers who will be mentoring you in this event are:

1. Waqas Burney, Manager (Web), Strategic Online Partnerships – South Asia. Google Singapore.

2. Ahmed Nawaz, Manager (Web), Strategic Online Partnerships – South Asia. Google Singapore.


The interested candidates can register for this event in their campus for free using this online registration link. They will send you more information about the event to your email address. For registration, please head to the event’s home page and then go to the registration tab.


A resources page has also been setup for the event, which you can bookmark and keep an eye on to get various ‘Get Started’ and ‘Best Practices’ stuff will be shared on that page.

So what are you waiting for? Just register for the event in your campus and get the first hand knowledge about monetizing your contents and apps. And yes, if you have anything to share about this event then please share it with us in the comments section below.

Author: Saad Riaz

The author is a Hardware Design Engineer by profession, but here he expresses his thoughts and has the vision to bring about some positive change within his capacity.

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  1. Google is coming to the right place. Hoping to see other tech giants like Intel, Microsoft, IBM and DELL etc to come and visit Pakistan for training and recruitment sessions.
    Thanks for this info.

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