See you on the 7th – Apple

See you on the 7th is all what apple has to say in its invitation about its much hyped and eagerly awaited event.

It is expected that apple will be unveiling its newest version of Iphone along with iwatch.

There are a lot of rumors about what would be there in the newest version of Iphone. We are yet to see how much of those rumors make it to the category true.

Some popular claims that are gaining attention are the removal of head phone jack, fewer antenna lines, 32 GB model to be the basic version, inclusion of  new colors like space black and space blue and last but not the least is dual camera system. As it has been the trend, Apple would be focusing more on design in this iteration but it is supposed that the new version won’t be a major difference from its predecessor design wise. The bezel introduced in 6th generation will be staying. Some rumors also suggest a slightly thinner Iphone. Rumors about Apple leaving its traditional numbering convention are also making talks. But it seems like the invite might have answered that rumor by highlighting the number 7. We can assume that the new version will be an Iphone 7.

Meanwhile rival samsung has given the leverage Apple needs by recalling its latest release Samsung Galaxy Note 7 after reports of battery catching fire making news. The stage for a 7th September Apple event is well set now.



Author: Muhammad Maaz Khan

The author is a telecom professional, and wants to contribute positively towards a better society.

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