Uber Auto – My Experience!!!

Recently, Uber launched its auto service here in Karachi to capture the lower income group commuters who prefer to take rickshaws rather than paying a bit higher for the taxi services like Uber Go or Careem Go. Being a regular user of these online ride hailing services, I thought to give it a try. So, I picked my phone and booked a ride for my office to home trip. Continue reading “Uber Auto – My Experience!!!”

Let’s Support Pakistan’s Online Community

Pakistan’s online publishing or blogging market is a budding sector. Though, many of the seasoned online publishers, bloggers and freelancers in Pakistan have been pursuing it as a full time career for quite some time now, but for the majority, this area still remains quite unexplored. The primary reasons behind this lag were the unavailability of internet facility to the common people and also the lack of awareness in this particular direction, aided by the fact that for most of us, internet is just about socializing. Continue reading “Let’s Support Pakistan’s Online Community”

[Series: Part 2] Drive test -Setting up the Software

Hey guys, here we are back again with part 2 of our drive test series “Setting up the Software”, but before moving further in case you have missed out on what we have discussed in part 1. Here is the link.

Setting up the Software

The software under discussion will be TEMS during our entire series. As suggested earlier the basic concept remains same for all other softwares. Continue reading “[Series: Part 2] Drive test -Setting up the Software”