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Pakistan Blogging Industry

Pakistan’s online publishing or blogging market is a budding sector. Though, many of the seasoned online publishers, bloggers and freelancers in Pakistan have been pursuing it as a full time career for quite some time now, but for the majority, this area still remains quite unexplored. The primary reasons behind this lag were the unavailability of internet facility to the common people and also the lack of awareness in this particular direction, aided by the fact that for most of us, internet is just about socializing. But the good thing is that, ever since the introduction of 3G and 4G has taken place and the availability of cheaper computers, laptops and personal mobile devices (PMDs) and internet facility have become ubiquitous, the internet community in Pakistan is growing rapidly. So, it will be great, if together we can support our online community, not only to bring some more revenue to the country, but also to spread more and more awareness and create employment opportunities in this particular sector.

How do Online Publishers Monetize?

Well, before going into the details of how we can support our online publishers, first let us take a look into the methods these online publishers actually earn? There are various possible options for them to monetize their contents, but the easiest of them and most commonly used method is by putting advertisements on their websites or in other words selling their ad space to the advertisement companies. This way, whenever a person clicks or leaves its mouse impression on the ad link then the advertisement companies pay some share from the money they get from the advertisers for putting their ads on your website.

The giant in this particular area is obviously Google, and the service Google provides for monetizing the contents is called AdSense. These services use a complex algorithm for putting intent based customized ads on the website and then tracking the number of clicks or mouse impressions to calculate the website’s earnings.

Now, if more and more people are going to a particular website, then higher will be the probability for the clicks/impressions on various ads on that website and as a result more will be the earnings of that website.

How can we support Pakistan’s Online Community?

If you are simply a web surfer, a technology geek looking for something interesting in the field of technology, a part time cook looking for some recipe, or anyone who loves to read articles and blogs online, then opt for the Pakistani websites. And if it is possible, then turn off your ad blockers for the Pakistani websites you come across, so that those ads published on those Pakistani websites do not get blocked. Even if you do not click on any of the ad links, still your mouse impressions are important. Further, you would be supporting in terms of digital traffic which is one of the several parameters to increase the search engine rank of a website. And yeah, the great thing is that all of this won’t cost you even a single penny.

Further, if you love a particular article on your favorite Pakistani blog, then do share it with your friends and family. This way you could even initiate a chain reaction and thus providing a boost in the earnings and rankings of your favorite website. Also, if you could easily manage to share the content on social media, then please do that as well. Your one share on social media could be a great help as this would allow the website to get recognition among the general readers especially among your loved ones who have common interests as yours.

Most websites have share buttons with their articles just like the ones you can see below under “Share This” section. So go ahead and hit the share button and let your friends and family know that they too can support their very own bloggers and online publishers with just some clicks. 🙂

Author: Saad Riaz

The author is a Hardware Design Engineer by profession, but here he expresses his thoughts and has the vision to bring about some positive change within his capacity.

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