Careem Tezz – My Experience!

Careem Tezz Auto Experience

Careem, one of the most popular online ride hailing services, also launched its auto rickshaw service here in Karachi, named as Careem Tezz. Just like I tried the Uber Auto service and shared my experience here, I thought to give Careem Tezz a try as well. So here I am sharing my experience with the service.

Lack of Registered Auto Rickshaws

The first thing I noticed with Careem is that they have far lesser registered rickshaws as compared to its competitor, Uber. This is evident from the fact that when you open the Careem app to book Careem Tezz, most of the time you will not get any auto rickshaw available. In my case, after several unsuccessful attempts to find Careem Tezz in the app, one day I got lucky to find one. So I booked the ride straight away.

The Journey

As soon as I received the details of the captain, I called him and guided him the route to my place. After almost 5 minutes, the rickshaw arrived at my pick up point. And the journey began…

The initial waiting time of 5 minutes was really good. The condition of the auto rickshaw was also good enough. I got on the auto rickshaw and told the driver about my drop off location. The way he was driving and maneuvering his path, it was acceptable as well. So overall, in my opinion, the journey experience was quite fine.

The Fare

I think that it is the most important point for most of us, as we expect a lower fare for rickshaw services as compared to the conventional rickshaws running on the roads. But I really found it to be one of the most disturbing things about Careem Tezz. It has a considerably higher fare for its auto rickshaw service. I was surprised to know that per Kilometer charges of Careem Tezz is equal to that of Careem Go, which is 11 rupees per kilometer, with a mere difference of 40 rupees in its base fare. The base fare of Careem Go is 100 rupees, whereas that of Careem Tezz is 60 rupees. So this is definitely not impressive at all.

All in all, I had to pay 180 rupees for this 19 km trip, which I can easily avail for 200 rupees from the conventional auto rickshaws. This is not a big difference. And one thing to note here is that if you get stuck in traffic, then this fare would increase quite a bit.


Overall, I would say that the experience with Careem Tezz was not that bad, but it was not much impressive as well. In my humble opinion, Careem really needs to look into their fare if they wish to facilitate their rickshaw users. Obviously, rickshaw users are those who either cannot afford the luxury of a four wheel car. But if the fare is that much high, it is not a big catch for most of us.

One possible attraction could be the availability of service from the comfort of your home, but this thing is currently not well addressed as there is a serious lack of available rickshaws. By adding more vehicles to their fleet, this problem can be greatly addressed.

Author: Saad Riaz

The author is a Hardware Design Engineer by profession, but here he expresses his thoughts and has the vision to bring about some positive change within his capacity.

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  1. Well, I am a frequent user of Careem. And I too try to use their rickshaw service whenever I am travelling for shorter distances. But I am mostly unable to find a vehicle in the app. Hope that they add more rickshaws in their team to facilitate the people.

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