[Series: Part 2] Drive test -Setting up the Software

Hey guys, here we are back again with part 2 of our drive test series “Setting up the Software”, but before moving further in case you have missed out on what we have discussed in part 1. Here is the link.

Setting up the Software

The software under discussion will be TEMS during our entire series. As suggested earlier the basic concept remains same for all other softwares. Continue reading “[Series: Part 2] Drive test -Setting up the Software”

Pakistan’s Independence Day – Your comments

Well, we have waited impatiently for this day and for all our readers to write to us on this auspicious occasion. We received a good number of comments from our readers and tried to incorporate the best among them in our blog here. So, read on the heart-felt messages of our fellow Pakistanis. Continue reading “Pakistan’s Independence Day – Your comments”

Pakistan’s Independence Day

Dear Friends,

As we all know that its August. The month in which we became Pakistan, we got identity, we got recognition. So it’s time for us to celebrate and cherish this entire month. A celebration in a way that does not hurt anyone but portray our love for our country. Also during this celebration we should not forget those who sacrifice their lives for its creation…. Continue reading “Pakistan’s Independence Day”

[Series: Part 1] Drive test -The Introduction

Through this series “Drive test”, we will try to achieve the knowledge of what is drive test and how is it performed?

Drive test is basically all about a simple concept of transmission and reception. Transmission and reception ability, Continue reading “[Series: Part 1] Drive test -The Introduction”

Today’s homework – Cube Riddle! Can you Solve it?

Here we come again with one more brain teaser. Let us put some strain on our brain muscles and let us see how many can get to the right answer? Guess the shape on the cube below… Continue reading “Today’s homework – Cube Riddle! Can you Solve it?”

Mobile Phone Snatching – What can be done

Pakistan telecom industry might have seen rapid growth since its inception but there is definitely one despair that haunts every Pakistani and that is “Mobile Snatching”. Cellular communication has been in Pakistan for quite some time and so is mobile snatching. Hopes seem to have diminished over this particular issue. But the important piece which completes this whole puzzle is Continue reading “Mobile Phone Snatching – What can be done”