Saving Your Own Number In Your WhatsApp Contact

Saving your own number in your WhatsApp contact may sound silly but it can be fun as well. I just accidentally came across this thing. Or rather I would say that I discovered it out of the need to send some text messages to my own number so that I can save a copy of those with me. So here are some of the findings I had during this encounter. Continue reading “Saving Your Own Number In Your WhatsApp Contact”

Let’s Be A Superhero!

We have all grown up watching those superhero movies in which the so called superhero, loaded with some incredible powers, does amazing things. All of us must have been watching the likes of superman, who is always wearing his superhero outfit inside his suit so that in case a calamity falls he is ready to go on the mission. But still, after dwelling among humans for long, he somehow hasn’t learned to wear his undergarment properly. Then also, there is a man covered in a metallic outfit and calls himself iron man, who can always be found violating the law and order, just to bring things in order. And yeah, we have also got the giant Hulk who could do mind-boggling stuff, but 9 out of 10 times when he transforms, he brings more destruction to the world than peace. Continue reading “Let’s Be A Superhero!”

Starkey Virtual Barbershop – Explaining the Perception of Sound in 3D

It has been almost 4 years since I first had a chance to listen to the Cetera Starkey virtual barbershop audio. At that time, I just heard it casually. But recently, when I again got a chance to listen to it, I not only listened to it more carefully, but also thought a bit more formally about it. Here, I am sharing my thoughts. Continue reading “Starkey Virtual Barbershop – Explaining the Perception of Sound in 3D”