Careem Tezz – My Experience!

Careem, one of the most popular online ride hailing services, also launched its auto rickshaw service here in Karachi, named as Careem Tezz. Just like I tried the Uber Auto service and shared my experience here, I thought to give Careem Tezz a try as well. So here I am sharing my experience with the service. Continue reading “Careem Tezz – My Experience!”

Buying an Old Car

With ever increasing prices of new cars and heavy custom duty on importing cars from the outside world, people are left with almost no options when it comes to selecting any car for personal usage. The only option, if there is a limitation of budget, is to buy an old car. But buying an old car is not always the easiest thing to do, and you might end up losing the deal even after paying a handy amount.

So we decided to highlight some of the key points you must keep in mind when looking for an old car. It is important to note that there are three main components to look out for when buying a used car. Continue reading “Buying an Old Car”

Uber Auto – My Experience!!!

Recently, Uber launched its auto service here in Karachi to capture the lower income group commuters who prefer to take rickshaws rather than paying a bit higher for the taxi services like Uber Go or Careem Go. Being a regular user of these online ride hailing services, I thought to give it a try. So, I picked my phone and booked a ride for my office to home trip. Continue reading “Uber Auto – My Experience!!!”

Pakistan’s Independence Day – Your comments

Well, we have waited impatiently for this day and for all our readers to write to us on this auspicious occasion. We received a good number of comments from our readers and tried to incorporate the best among them in our blog here. So, read on the heart-felt messages of our fellow Pakistanis. Continue reading “Pakistan’s Independence Day – Your comments”

Pakistan’s Independence Day

Dear Friends,

As we all know that its August. The month in which we became Pakistan, we got identity, we got recognition. So it’s time for us to celebrate and cherish this entire month. A celebration in a way that does not hurt anyone but portray our love for our country. Also during this celebration we should not forget those who sacrifice their lives for its creation…. Continue reading “Pakistan’s Independence Day”