Avoid Plastic As Much As You Can!

In our local eateries, dhabas, restaurants and shops, it has become a common practice of packing food items in plastic. Plastic boxes, Polythene shoppers, plastic cups and plastic wrappers have become ubiquitous. Whether you are getting a home delivery of your favorite biryani, or you are parceling tea to your home, or you are buying Naan or Chapati from your nearest hotel, everyone is using plastic bags or boxes to pack the food item, not only because it is cheaper, also because it brings ease and convenience. But it is the time that you should rethink and cut down the use of plastic as much as you could. Continue reading “Avoid Plastic As Much As You Can!”

Feeling Giddy in Office hours? May be this can help!

Often times, when we do not get adequate sleep at night or are going through a particularly stressed out situation at our work place, we start to feel giddy in the office hours. The dizziness seems to get us down. It feels like quitting the work and lying down to take a nap for a couple of hours. In such a situation, how can you tackle the dizziness? Well, following are some of the easiest things, we have compiled for you, which you can do to get rid of this undesirable and untimely sleepiness. Continue reading “Feeling Giddy in Office hours? May be this can help!”

Glaucoma Awareness Programme – Why is it needed?

In the earlier post, I shared my own story regarding how I am getting on with Glaucoma, by the grace of Allah. And all that boring story was intended to set up the ground for the awareness program which we are starting regarding Glaucoma. But many of our readers would be wondering as to why do we need awareness in this matter? Is it of any good to put in some effort to spread the awareness about this disease? Continue reading “Glaucoma Awareness Programme – Why is it needed?”

Glaucoma Awareness Programme – My Story!

“You do not have cataract, rather… You have Glaucoma.” These were the words my doctor told me after having a detailed dilated-pupil examination of my eyes. And I was like, “Well, What is Glaucoma? Is it a disease?” Obviously, I was unaware of that disease at that time. And despite that, the graveness in the doctor’s voice was clearly reflecting that there was some problem with my eyes, which made me quite scared. Continue reading “Glaucoma Awareness Programme – My Story!”

Using Newspaper as Wrapper to Edibles – Is it Safe?

In Karachi, or perhaps in almost all parts of Pakistan, it is a common practice in local eateries including the hawkers, dhaabas, road side restaurants and even some well known local restaurants, that they wrap the edibles in the newspaper or some sort of envelope made of newspaper. Since, this is a cheap alternative to the normal envelopes, thus this method is quite popular in almost all local eateries.

But the question regarding this practice is that “Is it safe and healthy to use the Newspaper as a wrapper for food items?” Continue reading “Using Newspaper as Wrapper to Edibles – Is it Safe?”

Thinking to devise your workout plan? This can help!!

In an earlier post, I have tried to give vent to the idea of working-out by extracting some leisure time out of your busy schedule to maintain a healthy physique as well as a healthy work-life balance. Perhaps, by now, you have finally decided to take the first step and you are willing to make a workout plan for yourself so that Continue reading “Thinking to devise your workout plan? This can help!!”

Doing an Office Job? Workout to work well!

The blessings of computer and information technology have, on one hand, brought a whole bunch of employment opportunities on a single desk but, on the other hand, the perils of these advancements are that we are getting more and more lethargic and seat-bound humans. This, in turn, Continue reading “Doing an Office Job? Workout to work well!”