Breaking a Habit Occasionally is NOT a BAD Habit

“Variety is the spice of life.” We hear this proverb every now and then. But generally, in our daily lives, we are mostly stuck in the circle of our routine, doing the same thing from dawn till dusk. Having a good healthy routine is really great. But occasional changes in it can do wonders to you and enrich your lives with that missing spark in it. Further, studies have shown that breaking the habit once in a blue moon and doing something new may be useful for better cognitive health. Continue reading “Breaking a Habit Occasionally is NOT a BAD Habit”

Super Store Culture in Karachi – the Good and the Bad

In Karachi, there has recently been a boom of Super Markets. The likes of Imtiaz Super Market, Metro Cash n Carry, Chase Up and Chase Value Centre are attracting a huge number of people. The primary reason behind the success of these super stores is the availability of all the necessary house hold items and common consumer stuff in one building. These super stores not only save quite a lot of time, but various discounts and offers on the general items are also a factor of attraction for the common public. Continue reading “Super Store Culture in Karachi – the Good and the Bad”

Let’s Be A Superhero!

We have all grown up watching those superhero movies in which the so called superhero, loaded with some incredible powers, does amazing things. All of us must have been watching the likes of superman, who is always wearing his superhero outfit inside his suit so that in case a calamity falls he is ready to go on the mission. But still, after dwelling among humans for long, he somehow hasn’t learned to wear his undergarment properly. Then also, there is a man covered in a metallic outfit and calls himself iron man, who can always be found violating the law and order, just to bring things in order. And yeah, we have also got the giant Hulk who could do mind-boggling stuff, but 9 out of 10 times when he transforms, he brings more destruction to the world than peace. Continue reading “Let’s Be A Superhero!”

Welcoming 2016 with a new spirit!

Well, this is the first post of this blog. And yeah, luckily, it is the beginning of the new year. So in the first post, we actually wish to welcome you all and hope that we would be able to provide the quality material related to tech, infotainment, education and other related stuff such that inkophilic becomes a one stop shop for many of our beloved readers currently going through these lines. Continue reading “Welcoming 2016 with a new spirit!”