How to Close Comments in WordPress for Older Posts?

WordPress is an excellent piece of software. It brings ease of use while setting up and maintaining a website. We have been using WordPress for almost 5 months now. And we have felt that it is so far so good. Customizing some of the options in WordPress is just a matter of some clicks. Similarly, if you, due to any reasons, wish to close comments for older posts then it will take you less than 5 minutes to achieve in WordPress. Continue reading “How to Close Comments in WordPress for Older Posts?”

Best Tools to Check your Website’s Speed Rank

Earlier, a post was published on our website regarding the WordPress Plugin to enhance the overall speed of the webpage. But how to check whether your webpage is performing above par or not? In that post, a brief reference was given to a tool (GTmetrix) which can be used to check the Page Speed which helped us to take into account and then optimize the critical points which were causing a decline in the speed of the website. Then we thought to cover some of the best tools which could be helpful in this regard. So we have dedicated this post for it. Continue reading “Best Tools to Check your Website’s Speed Rank”

How to Scale Images in WordPress?

If you have setup a blogging website or an E-Commerce one or any other of the kind using WordPress, and you have a lot of images on your webpage, then you must be thinking to scale down the images, not just to fit that image into some template, but also to optimize the speed of your webpage. Continue reading “How to Scale Images in WordPress?”

WordPress Fastest Cache – A must-have Plugin for your WP website

As soon as I came to know that Google also uses the page speed parameter to rank pages, I tried to improve that feature of my website. I tried some online sources to check my website’s Speed rank, but it was performing poorly on both Yslow and PageSpeed scores. Since this particular website is in its developmental phase, and we are gradually learning things and applying them on our website. So, we thought that it would be great to share every little piece of knowledge which we are getting during our learning phase, regarding this particular topic, with everyone out there. Continue reading “WordPress Fastest Cache – A must-have Plugin for your WP website”

WordPress – A Par Excellence Software

It has been almost two months since I first started using the WordPress. And let me tell you frankly, that this is a great piece of software for website development of virtually all sorts. I am already a fan of WordPress now. After successfully setting up this website, without having any prior knowledge of website designing and development, my friend and I are now of the opinion that “ANYONE can set up a website using WordPress.” Continue reading “WordPress – A Par Excellence Software”