Pakistan’s Independence Day

Dear Friends,

As we all know that its August. The month in which we became Pakistan, we got identity, we got recognition. So it’s time for us to celebrate and cherish this entire month. A celebration in a way that does not hurt anyone but portray our love for our country. Also during this celebration we should not forget those who sacrifice their lives for its creation…. Continue reading “Pakistan’s Independence Day”

3 Amazing Whatsapp Features You May not Know

Whatsapp is currently enjoying the top spot in the social networking apps, and to maintain its current position Whatsapp is constantly trying to roll out new features which could make the user experience more satisfying. This write up covers three such features of Whatsapp which you may not have come across yet. Continue reading “3 Amazing Whatsapp Features You May not Know”

Telenor Djuice Free Whatsapp Bundle

Social networking is on a rise almost everywhere in the world. So is the case in Pakistan. Our youth is getting too much obsessed with social networking. And owing to its exponential growth, telecom companies and internet service providers are rolling out packages to facilitate the social networking. Continue reading “Telenor Djuice Free Whatsapp Bundle”

3 Golden Rules to Improve Your Rechargeable Battery Performance

Personal Mobile Devices (PMDs) and other battery operated electronics are getting more and more ubiquitous. This means that our reliance on the batteries are increasing day by day. And, in areas of Karachi where the frequent power outages are a part of routine life, good battery backup is necessary for such devices. So here we cover three very basic but golden rules to ensure that you keep on extracting the juice out of your battery for longer period of time. These rules may not be new for you, so if you are already well acquainted with these points, then it is a good idea to just refresh your memory. Continue reading “3 Golden Rules to Improve Your Rechargeable Battery Performance”

Breaking a Habit Occasionally is NOT a BAD Habit

“Variety is the spice of life.” We hear this proverb every now and then. But generally, in our daily lives, we are mostly stuck in the circle of our routine, doing the same thing from dawn till dusk. Having a good healthy routine is really great. But occasional changes in it can do wonders to you and enrich your lives with that missing spark in it. Further, studies have shown that breaking the habit once in a blue moon and doing something new may be useful for better cognitive health. Continue reading “Breaking a Habit Occasionally is NOT a BAD Habit”

Super Store Culture in Karachi – the Good and the Bad

In Karachi, there has recently been a boom of Super Markets. The likes of Imtiaz Super Market, Metro Cash n Carry, Chase Up and Chase Value Centre are attracting a huge number of people. The primary reason behind the success of these super stores is the availability of all the necessary house hold items and common consumer stuff in one building. These super stores not only save quite a lot of time, but various discounts and offers on the general items are also a factor of attraction for the common public. Continue reading “Super Store Culture in Karachi – the Good and the Bad”

[Series: Part 1] Drive test -The Introduction

Through this series “Drive test”, we will try to achieve the knowledge of what is drive test and how is it performed?

Drive test is basically all about a simple concept of transmission and reception. Transmission and reception ability, Continue reading “[Series: Part 1] Drive test -The Introduction”

How to Close Comments in WordPress for Older Posts?

WordPress is an excellent piece of software. It brings ease of use while setting up and maintaining a website. We have been using WordPress for almost 5 months now. And we have felt that it is so far so good. Customizing some of the options in WordPress is just a matter of some clicks. Similarly, if you, due to any reasons, wish to close comments for older posts then it will take you less than 5 minutes to achieve in WordPress. Continue reading “How to Close Comments in WordPress for Older Posts?”