3 Amazing Whatsapp Features You May not Know

Whatsapp is currently enjoying the top spot in the social networking apps, and to maintain its current position Whatsapp is constantly trying to roll out new features which could make the user experience more satisfying. This write up covers three such features of Whatsapp which you may not have come across yet. Continue reading “3 Amazing Whatsapp Features You May not Know”

Telenor Djuice Free Whatsapp Bundle

Social networking is on a rise almost everywhere in the world. So is the case in Pakistan. Our youth is getting too much obsessed with social networking. And owing to its exponential growth, telecom companies and internet service providers are rolling out packages to facilitate the social networking. Continue reading “Telenor Djuice Free Whatsapp Bundle”

Saving Your Own Number In Your WhatsApp Contact

Saving your own number in your WhatsApp contact may sound silly but it can be fun as well. I just accidentally came across this thing. Or rather I would say that I discovered it out of the need to send some text messages to my own number so that I can save a copy of those with me. So here are some of the findings I had during this encounter. Continue reading “Saving Your Own Number In Your WhatsApp Contact”